HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. The mod is the development.
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04 August 2017 (12:56) 2546

The latest full-fledged news, connected with the modification, was in March. I'm glad to welcome all, who read the site and mod's thread on GTAForums again.

First of all, I want to apologize for yet another long delay in publications.

I will give a pice of information about the actual state of the modification.

As you remember, it is in the development since 2011. At that time I seriously took great interest in the development of mods and opened for myself this world anew (in childhood I tried to create mods, but this new 2011-2011 period became decisive). After HRT Pack 1.3 I wanted to continue extension of the mod, but after it became clear that the mod must be remade anew, because the previous versions began to seem to me very simple, even naive in sense of quality.

When I started to make HRT 1.4 from scratch in 2011, I overestimated my aptitudes very seriously. Perhaps it was necessary to make the mod «as it is» and «as I can». But my skills were constantly improving and previous results ceased satisfy me. In this way I was making the mod for a few years. Los Santos was fully remade, San Fierro was almost remade. Las Venturas, the desert and the countryside were not ready.

In 2014 my work hard drive in PC was broken. I felt very stupid when I realized that the latest backup is very outdated and does not include a lot of things that I've done before. Nevertheless, I have continued to make the mod and remade «lost» peaces; then I gave my hard drive to the restore data service and, to my delight, the data was restored (and a lot of my photographs, that are very valuable to me and just as important as the mod, were also restored).

In 2015 the whole result, and the quality of Los Santos that was started in 2011, again seemed to me not very good. So I decided to remake Los Santos, and, in this way, the whole modification again. Now, as I decided, the mod will be made in really new quality, and this will be really new level.

But times goes by and I have a lot of other affairs now, and hobbies, and the education too; I am 23 years old and cannot attend as much attention to the mod as before. I understand that so long term for the development is more then enough, but I don't want to make a bad mod. It must be good. At the same time I don't have so much free time.

In this way, I think, the most logical way will be to set the release date as «when it's done», and you will understand me.

At the same time it's very interesting for me — to make this mod, and I want to finish it as more quickly as possible, but just cannot find some time. The mod mustn't be so much time in the development, and if I could make it «on a roll», it's possible to finish it much and much quickly, a lot of time before. But there is not another variant.

So I want to express regret to all who are waiting for the mod and give thanks to all who support me, including with help donations. Anyway, I'm not going to abandon the mod. Most likely, beta version of the mod, which will contain a part of the city, will be released at the beginning of next year.

What was done for the last time?

In December 2016 I wrote about the ending of the works with LAn2, the second part of Los Santos. In this way, were finished LAn and LAn2.

But throughout the spring I've greatly remade and improved these sections again.

One of the changes — is using of even more heavy textures than before. When I do a texture, I often try to make it in 2048x2048 pixels resolution. But sometimes, because of the incorrect work of the game, I had to decrease its resolution to 1024x1024 or even 512x512 pixels. But now the game works correctly thanks to many wonderful plugins by the community, and average parameters of users PCs, including graphics cards memory, are better then few years before. And while I improved these sections, I have increased the resolution of these optimized textures to their original 2048x2048 resolution. Also some textures were improved to this resolution.

And as an interesting experiment I'm trying to use in some cases even 4096x4096 pixels resolution textures (what can be called fashionable phrase — 4K).

A lot of places on LAn and LAn2 sections were improved again. Also I found a lot of missed before models defects and have fixed them.

Footage with these improved places are captured some time ago, and I still must mount them to the videos.

In addition, although someone may think this is a trifle, I've seriously changed a structure of my working files, and started to place files in more convenient way. Maybe thanks to this development also will be better.


A lot of work was done with vehicles. See the previous report for details about the vehicles in the mod, and in this report, below, you can see some fresh images.

The Marquis is a sailboat that firstly appears in GTA: Vice City; it is also represented in San Andreas, Vice City Stories, and in HD universe of series — GTA IV, GTA V. It is a civilian, leisure sailboat, that can include two people (driver and passenger). Earlier I've showed how this boat was retextured for HRT 1.4, but now it was heavy improved again, including high resolution sings on the sides of the boat.

And now about another vehicle in this report — this is a Bike, a pedal bicycle that is based, most likely, on the Schwinn Stingray (but the up tube and downtube are closer to those of Schwinn Fair Lady). On the side of a chain cap there is a sign Jameson-Jet, suggesting its real name. It is only present in San Andreas.

And retextured Bloodring Banger. This is a demolition derby car, modified Glendale, that is used in Bloodring and Blood Bowl stadium challenges (appeared in GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas).

LAs section is started

And, finally, the work with the third part of Los Santos, the LAs section, is started. Below you can see a few images, connected with new section. These are two textures of the walls and one texture of the hedgerow, that is also based on the photo.

21 October, 2017: news was updated.