HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. The mod is the development.
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03 March 2017 (23:55) 1319

As I promised before, today's report will be dedicated to the vehicles. In fact, I want to make series of reports that will be dedicated to the different vehicles in the modification. But for a start I want to give a brief summary how will be improved textures of the cars in HRT 1.4.

Some of what I'll say, I've already told in old report about vehicles.

Well, in HRT 1.4 modification will be replaced not only all the environment (game world) textures. Because I want to do some kind of full game remastering, I want to change as more different aspects, as will be possible for me. And I decided that it will not be superfluous to try to improve cars textures.

But everybody who once opened cars textures (txd files) know, how little they affect on cars quality. Textures of vehicles in all 3D Era GTA games are very «conditional»; in fact that can maybe to define some shades of car's body and nothing more (but textures in the other file — vehicle.txd — are very important, because all the cars share some base textures, like textures of headlights and so on from that file, but now I am not working with it).

The visual quality of a car depends very much only on a model's quality (DFF file). Because of this I want to warn that you will not see striking differences in the quality of the cars. Unfortunately. You will see a real difference in the quality of game world (good textures, for example, can really improve the final quality of building or some other objects of the game map). But cars will be improved a little. Only some parts of the cars (like iron barrel on the Walton) can look much better than in the original game.

Because of this cars textures are not the main thing in the mod, but they necessarily will be improved. If you will not like them, you can install only world textures. I think that mod will be very flexible in this sense and each user will be able to install only needed parts.

Let's move to some vehicles.

Army truck Barracks.

Journey, a car for tourists and travelers.

Country car Walton (I showed these cars and earlier, but now I have improved the textures again).

Now some vehicles, on which the improved textures are not obvious. These are planes AT-400 and Cargobob, bike BF-400, scooter Faggio, Cement Truck and Combine Harvester.

Like always, you can watch these screenshots not only from hosting on which I've uploaded them, but and from Mod DB (from this image).

In future posts I'll show you some other vehicles. Thanks for attention like always.