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What is HRT 1.4? Is a project of full GTA: San Andreas game remastering; purpose of the mod — to raise the level of graphics with (and this is main feature) using remade textures that maximum simillar to the original textures by colors, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition quality; enhanced models and other things. Mod in the development from 2011 and will be released in 2014.

SFe: Rocks for a diving

Added: 12.04.2014
Now it's time to back to development reports. This first new report on the site is small. As you know, section of city on which I working now, named SFe. And you remember that rocks in San Fierro through which we must swim in one of missions from Wu Zi Mu...

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HRT 1.4 now powered by Unreal Engine 4

Added: 01.04.2014
GTA: San Andreas game has very old technologies, so I decided to remade mod on the one of new game engines. I have chose Unreal Engine 4.

Updated: this is April Fools' Day joke! Read more.

New video from San Fierro: «SFe section»

Added: 30.03.2014
Today was released a new long (five minutes!) video from HRT 1.4 mod, that dedicated to the SFe section of San Fierro, work on which almost finished. Video is timed to opening of official site of the mod!

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Are you ready?

Added: 30.03.2014
Site is opened! Formally the site was launched in the last days of December 2013, but launched not means opened: users seen just «Coming soon» page with mod’s logo and nothing more. Now, today, I'm pleased to report that site is really opened! Read more.