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What is HRT 1.4? Is a project of full GTA: San Andreas game remastering; purpose of the mod — to raise the level of graphics with (and this is main feature) using remade textures that maximum simillar to the original textures by colors, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition quality; enhanced models and other things. Mod in the development since 2011 and will be released in 2015.

Vehicles: Artict

Added: 13.12.2014
Another vehicle with new textures in HRT 1.4 (in the mod will be retextured, even if this will not look obvious, all vehicles; I will post screenshots only with some of them) — Artict. Actually, this is not vehicle, this is trailer for the trucks, but technically in the game it realized as vehicle.

Read more.

Winter comes; about donations and site changes

Added: 07.12.2014
Winter comes and there are a lot of snow on the streets, the trees are white. Very beautiful and remind me my winter mods (maybe I think about this too often), but the real life is better, of course; the real life is always better then games. Very cold. In connection with this, I decided to change a little site design. As you noticed, the ribbon hangs in the left corner, snowdrifts appeared in the header, and snow falls.

Thank to Mozgovlom for his donation to help modification! Read more.

Back on the track

Added: 05.12.2014
I again violated the silence to say that with the mod everything is okay. But there is stil a lot of work!

In the near future I'll post some pictures. For a while, new media materials will appear infrequently. Development gradually «travels on a flat road», straight path. Read more.
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