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What is HRT 1.4? Is a project of full GTA: San Andreas game remastering; purpose of the mod — to raise the level of graphics with (and this is main feature) using remade textures that maximum simillar to the original textures by colors, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition quality; enhanced models and other things. Mod in the development from 2011 and will be released, presumably, in 2015.

SFe: Cargo ship

Added: 18.10.2014
I got all my data, but also I got a lot of new work which I have to do with files, I need to put all in order, but this is good and pleasant work; soon development of the mod will be continued in a different and more faster tempo — and now some new screenshots for you.

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HRT still alive. Three years as development was started. Four years as released first HRT Pack

Added: 06.10.2014
Almost two months there are no news about the modification. But I have nothing to say. At the same time my life is not stand still: a lot of events are happening, wonderful, and not very. A lot of events are happened in my country (as a rule, they are terrible). Modification is not forgotten, but I cannot say about some progress. After I lost that I did during the year (and this was and my fault), desire to develop mod was lost too, and only now it returns to me. Now is not solved the main question — whether I will restore data on broken drive, or not. Read more.
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