HRT 1.4 (HRT means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for PC version of GTA: San Andreas. Purpose of the mod — is to provide more modern graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it contains improved models and other features. Mod is in the development since 2011. Coming 2016.

LAn2: Work in progress

Added: 10.02.2016
Finally I can say that work on LAn is really finished. Works on the next section, LAn2, are already continued.

In this new development report I'll show you new images from the mod, remind about latest progress and say few words about the weather outside.

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LAn: Los Santos Tower Theatre

Added: 31.12.2015
And this is the last development report in this year.

Well, Los Santos Tower Theatre is located on LAn section of Los Santos. Prototype of this building is Los Angeles Tower Theatre.

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HUD and icons in HRT 1.4

Added: 29.12.2015
HRT 1.4 must be not only the texture mod (and it's not only the texture mod in any case, at least because there will be also improved models). I want to ensure that you have the impression of full and professional re-edition, remastered version of GTA: San Andreas, and because of this mod must change a lot of other things that are connected with graphics. Including so important things as HUD, radar, icons on the radar, weapons icons etc.

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