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What is HRT 1.4? Is a project of full GTA: San Andreas game remastering; purpose of the mod — to raise the level of graphics with (and this is main feature) using remade textures that maximum simillar to the original textures by colors, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition quality; enhanced models and other things. Mod in the development from 2011 and will be released, presumably, in 2015.

HRT will be

Added: 09.08.2014
In the near future any news are unlikely to be, connected with mod. Lately all too turned over; besides, I have a lot of other things. Nevertheless, development is not cancelled. Mod will be released, but, most likely, in 2015. Not in any way not think that I throw work. This mod will set new standards for texture mods, but is unlikely to be surpassed. Read more.

New obstacles. Release can be delayed

Added: 24.07.2014
It is difficult and unpleasantly to write today's news (I do not want it to be true). Few days ago my hard disk was broken. The reason is, probably, sudden voltage change (voltage jump) in electric network (this, as rare spontaneous power outage, is common occurrence for us).

With gigabytes of valuable data, were lost and HRT 1.4 work files (including textures in game formats and image formats). Read more.

SFse: additional screenshots

Added: 15.07.2014
These are screenshots not from SFe section of San Fierro, on which I'm working on, but from previous section — SFse (probably it is easy to get confused because of names of parts of location). Recently I tested this section again and made them.

Read more.
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