HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. The mod is the development.
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We all have a collection of good old games, in which we played in childhood or when we were teenagers, and in which we can play again after years. GTA: San Andreas, like other parts of GTA, is in favourite games list of a large number of people. Sometimes we want to see these games with more modern and beautiful graphics, but so familiar atmosphere and mechanics of gameplay.

For people, who like GTA from childhood, and for new GTA players who want to play in classic with better experience, I make this mod!


Remade textures

  • Replacement textures of the whole game world (buildings, objects, roads, landscapes etc.) to high quality analogues;
  • Replacement textures of all interiors to high quality analogues;
  • Replacement textures of all vehicles to high quality analogues;
  • Redrawn textures with logos and billboards;
  • Textures in HRT 1.4 are made in perfect quality and high resolution (2048x2048 and 1024x1024 pixels), and are maximum similar to the original ones (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature);
  • Textures are exclusive, made by author and based on his photos, or taken (not stolen) from free libraries.

  • A lot of models also are improved and enhanced: some models are more detailed and smoothed, on some models are added reflections;
  • Corrected defects of the original models (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature);
  • Using more materials than in the original game: for example, if the original house model uses the same texture and for the roof, and for the wall, in HRT 1.4 and the wall, and the roof have unique textures; mod has more variety textures for ground, pavement, grass and roofs than the original game (the first texture and graphics mod for GTA SA with this feature);
  • Improved main character model with detail fingers (taken from mobile version of the game that was released in 2013)

Other features

  • LODs are replacing too, for more quality displaying objects on the far distance;
  • Using of MIP maps (this optimization reduces the load on the graphics card and helped to get rid from blinking of textures);
  • Using of the newest tool for textures editing with support of DXT5 compression and high quality MIP mapping algorithm;
  • High stability of the mod;
  • Completely author's mod, fully an independent project, not collection (mod-pack) of other mods;
  • HRT 1.4 is a spiritual successor of HRT Pack 1.3 (2010), but new mod is not based on any previous parts and does not share any their files; this is completely brand new mod that is made from scratch;
  • Includes high quality radar, radar and weapons icons (third-party mods that used under permission).

Brief history

HRT (high resolution textures) project history was started in 2010. In that times I again became interested in the creation of modifications and began to remake the textures of San Andreas game; I did little mods with new textures that later were collected into one mod that I named HRT Pack; later were released few versions of HRT Pack, last of them — 1.3 EE.

Later I've distracted on other mods like The Seasons series (Winter Vacation, Spring Season, Endless Summer, Autumn Sunshine). Mods became my main hobby. I spent and spending a lot of time on this. When I returned to HRT Pack, I understood that I must redo whole the mod, because my skills became better.

In 2011 I started work on HRT 1.4 and decided that this mod will be created completely from scratch. Funny to say, but after that times I've reworked parts of the mod not once! HRT 1.4 is standalone project, I mean that it's not based on old mods.

This mod getting bigger and bigger, now this is most global my modification and I hope that I finish it in 2016. Mod will be released as beta version and then, after months of testing with community, as final build.