HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. The mod is the development.
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04 October 2016 (22:30) 1795

Hello to all, who follows my modification. For the first, sorry for a long time without any updates. In this report I'll show you some screenshots and will tell you about the progress more detailed. Now my site is working as a blog, so I want to share my thoughts.


For the last time I did the mod not very often. But I never forgot about it and always remembered that it must be finished; but the mod is, eventually, hobby, and as more cases I have in real life, less I can do the mod. The last time in my life there were a lot of interesting events and, at the same time, I spent less time at the computer and the mod.

Now it's time to make from the development of the mod something like everyday duty; to develop mod maybe not fast, but with oblivious and stable everyday progress.

Already a long time ago, in the start of July, I wrote that work on the second part of Los Santos (before I started work on Los Santos anew, because textures that were made from 2011 are outdated and I can do them better now) is almost ended. Have remained only some final touches. After this, I've posted two videos with Ammu-Nation store.

LAn2 section is not fully finished, but I hope that on this or next week I will be able to report about its finishing. At the same time will be released a long video, dedicated to the whole section.


And now about a beta version of the modification. Those who closely followed the progress of the development of the mod, remember that I wanted to release a beta version of the mod.

Initially I wanted to release a closed beta version and send them to selected players and players who donated on the development. After this could be released open beta version.

Then I realized that mod must be released directly as an open beta version. I said before that open beta could be released before the end of this (2016) year. Now I understand that this is difficult doable and, most likely, it will not be released this year. But the open beta will be obligatory.

There is also one interesting question about structure of future beta version.

Very often people ask me about possibly release by parts. Earlier I did not find this idea attractive, because a lot of time ago, when I released first versions of old HRT Pack by the parts (for example, HRT Pack 1.0 was only with textures of one city, and then, in the next version, to one city was added another one, and another) some people were confused and did not know, what version is needed to be installed (and downloaded all versions and install them, instead of simple installation of the latest etc). And when I only started work on HRT 1.4, I also tried to release selected places from the mod as mini-mods. This experiment was not very successful: downloads were small, and time that was needed to packing and preparing of mini-mods could be spend on the main works.

So I've decided that if it's needed to release HRT 1.4 before the final version, it must be released in any case with all the cities, with remade the whole state...

Nevertheless, given the fact that everything is very delayed, and the numerous comments that it would be good to release mod by parts, I again began to think about it. In fact this is a good idea and maybe I'll release the first (beta) versions in such way.

In this case the first beta version could contains only one of few sections of Los Santos, for example. The second beta could contains another section (in additional to the ones from the first version) and improvements to previous. And each beta can be a separate product (I mean that the second beta will contain all from the first beta + improvements etc).

New images. LAn2: Skyscrapers

But that will be decided later. Now I suggest you take a look at a few screenshots from the HRT 1.4 modification.

This time I've captured the screenshots with skyscrapers on LAn2, part of Los Santos. It was interesting to find the same as in original games facades and windows. Now these skyscrapers, like the other buildings on the map, are in high resolution.

Big date and a look into the past

And something else. Recently (September, 27) there was some kind of anniversary date (see also this old news about this).

Exactly in this date, five years ago (!!!), in 2010, was released the first mod in the series — HRT Pack 1.0. In 2014 this version was repacked with added English readme, so you can download it just to evaluate, and how far (I hope), I moved from that good times. At that time I just learned to do textures and made them in quite naive ways, but nevertheless I was really enthusiastic and had indefatigable energy, modding was a new and big world for me!

Old series ends with HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition (2011), and, by the way, and this mod was repacked with better instructions few years ago. Downloads of latest HRT Pack on Mod DB are impressive for me: version with autoinstaller was downloaded more then 61 thousand times! Of course, this is not as views of some stupid video blogger, but a very good for a modification, and I hope that HRT 1.4 will raise not only the quality level bar, but and will get good downloads.

HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition