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09 May 2015 (16:50) 919
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9th of May is a special day in culture of my country, this is a special day for all the post USSR republics, this is a special day for the great number of countries which took part in the struggle with Fascist Germany on the side of Soviet Union. And because of this I want to congratulate everyone who reads my site, with the Victory Day!

70 years ago, 9th May, 0:30 by Moscow time (and in 8th May in 22:43 by Central European Time) was signed German Instrument of Surrender. Few days earlier Berlin was taken by Red Army and on the Reichstag was hoisted red flag. Hitler cowardly committed suicide. Exodus the war became clear.

And now in this day we honouring the bravery of our veterans and our nation, who repulsed the invaders. Cities were destroyed (more then 1710 cites and 70 thousand villages), with the cost of enormous human losses (Soviet Union, which became the main battleground, lost 27 million people) was achieved victory in this terrible war.

We will always remember about these events.

Happy Victory Day, my friends!