HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. Develpment of the mod is canceled.
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09 May 2014 (03:52) 3744

Today's is 9 May, the great day in the history and history of USSR-countries!

We, people from post-USSR countries call this day День победы, literally: The Day of Victory. For us Second World War not just Second World War, this is Великая Отечественная Война (English translation of this term — Great Patriotic War — cannot transmit sound of these words).

In this war, the country lost 26.6 million of people. People who did not want war and were forced to defend their motherland when they were attacked by the Nazis.

From fascism suffered not only the Soviet Union. Were occupied Poland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands... Half the world was embroiled in a fight. By Nazis killed five-six million Jews who were considered as an inferior race.

I want to introduce you few my other modifications for GTA: San Andreas (and sorry that I do not write something about HRT 1.4 in this news). These mods dedicated to the war.

The Seizure of Airport

With this mod you can back to the days of the Second World War. Eastern Front, the main Second World War front. Nazi bastards invaded the Soviet Union. The action takes place in a small domestic airport, located in the countryside. The airport was captured by a group of Nazi soldiers for use as headquarters. You are playing in the role of Red Army soldier, and your mission — to free airport!

Download mod!

ReadMe in Russian, installation is automatic: open Setup.exe and select folder to the clean copy of the game; then, in the game, go to the dam in desert, where you find new war memorial, near memorial press E to start mission. Was released in 2012.

And consider this news as an announce: in the development new edition of The Seizure of Airport mod, it will be improved and extended, and fully translated to English. Will be released in next few days!

[ Post updated 14 July 2014: unfortunately, development of new The Seizure of Airport: Extended Edition was suspended, «frozen». I spent few month on work with this mod, new version of The Seizure of Airport could be fantastic; now I must again optimize my work (at least for work on HRT 1.4) and because of it I have to give up other started things, and this mod — is not the first suspended mod for last time. But maybe later I will back to this. ]

Monument to the Victory Day
Version 3.0

This mod dedicated to the Victory Day. After installation in San Fierro will be added monument. From eight o'clock you can listen war music and look at the sentries, that stay on duty near the monument; also you can put the flowers at the feet of the soldier on a pedestal; throughout the state, you can eat a soldier's porridge in special kiosks.

You can shoot a gun (attraction) or make a parachute jump from the roof of a nearby skyscraper for a small fee.

Download mod!

ReadMe and installation in English. Mod was released in 2013, first version — in 2011.