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23 February 2016 (17:15) 1164
Tags: dates

С Днем защитника Отечества!

Today's Defender of the Fatherland Day (Russian: День защитника Отечества). This is a holiday in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other countries.

This holiday, initially established as Red Army Day, later became some kind of Men's Day (as opposed to March 8th), day of the courage; in this day it is accepted to congratulate all the men, but for military men and future soldiers it has a special meaning; also in this day often people recall events of The Great Patriotic War (1941–1945), in which a lot of Soviet people fought against the Nazi invaders.

Such holidays became very important in our unstable time...

And I'm glad that I can distract a little from my project and acquaint you with traditions of my country and culture. But new mod's materials will be very soon. Thanks for your attention.