HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. Develpment of the mod is canceled.
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05 December 2015 (19:39) 1689

This news is not connected with the mod, but connected with game for which we are all gathered — GTA: San Andreas. It seems that Rockstar is not tired and make all new ports of the game for more and more platforms.

Only yesterday game was released on PlayStation 3 (by the way, on this console game was released second time — first it was released as part of PS2 Classics series, it was emulated original PS2 version) — it turned that this port is based on previously released mobile version.

And today I read that game will be released on PlayStation 4. Interesting if it will be a completely new port, a mobile port or an emulated classic version. Will see.

San Andreas was already released on a much number of platforms: PC, Mac, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, mobile devices on Android, Fire OS, iOS, Windows Phone.

Latest variants for PS3, Xbox 360 were analogous to mobile versions for portable devices.

Anyway, your PC variant with HRT 1.4 will have better graphics from all these versions, so do not worry.