HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. Develpment of the mod is canceled.
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05 December 2014 (15:47) 2170

I again violated the silence to say that with the mod everything is okay. But there is stil a lot of work!

In the near future I'll post some pictures. For a while, new media materials will appear infrequently. Development gradually «travels on a flat road», straight path. When the modification will go on the straight path — the reports and materials will be very much.

So, mod in the development, but speed of the development is not very high at the moment. My drive, as I wrote, restored, all I do lately is that for a long time delay — put in order a lot of things; gigabytes of files. Most of HRT files are alight, but some files were corrupted: part of them I restored from a previous backup, part will be redone later (mod must be performed on one level of quality, it is unacceptable when mod will be done with different levels of quality).

Now about the site. You are noticed some changes of the site, like donation block from the right side, a new pages in the menu.

The menu have links to new pages, but the pages are not opened yet: them will be later. Later will be opened page where will be listed all donators, also in plans — open Frequently asked questions page, where you can ask your questions and read answers to the most popular questions.

I hope that in the New year the development will stand on a «flat and straight road», and the development process will be faster; until that time I must do a lot of things (and I did not mention about my real life — I'm so used to this mod, its development runs parallel with a number of important and not important things; sad and funny, amazing experiences of my life). Making such things as HRT 1.4 is very cool and I know that the final version will amaze you.