HRT 1.4 (that means high resolution textures) is a remastered graphics modification for GTA: San Andreas (2004). Purpose of the mod — is to provide improved graphics with preservation of original game's atmosphere using remade textures that are maximum similar to the original ones by colours, contrast and other parameters, but made in really high definition; it also contains improved and fixed models and other features. Develpment of the mod is canceled.
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04 May 2014 (02:07) 2249

This news is not connected with HRT directly, but I can not pass by it, it is worth your attention. Few days ago was released updated edition of my Autumn Sunshine mod. Updated edition was very delayed, but I proud this work — this is not only the most beautiful mod for San Andreas, it contains a lot of unique for GTA mods technically decisions.

Like changing of textures quality almost «on the fly» with special menu, for example... This mod very flexible, beautiful and interesting. The Seasons mods adds to the game not only perfect atmosphere, but and a lot of new gameplay features. If you like HRT and waiting for it — do not pass Autumn Sunshine.

I suggest you read news text that was written for news that was posted on Mod DB.

Autumn Sunshine

Autumn Sunshine mod was released in updated edition. This is really global modification for GTA: San Andreas with unprecedented approach to the quality; is the successor of Endless Summer; modification about beautiful time of year — autumn.

And it was released in spring, yes. Originally Autumn Sunshine was released in December 2011 after Endless Summer. After two years, in 2013, I decided to update all The Seasons mods: earlier was released (little) updated Spring Season mod, during summer and autumn 2013 was released updated Endless Summer mod (base mod, all its update and Full Edition version). Updated edition of Endless Summer turned out really huge and now Autumn Sunshine also got a lot of improvements; work on the updated edition has been done so giant that its even could be called as new version, something like Autumn Sunshine 2.0, but I follow tradition and call mod just updated edition.

I am glad to present you release trailer of the mod.

Version with auto installation:
Autumn Sunshine (automatic installation)

This is better variant for all users: installation of mod is very easy, you just need select the game folder and click on the button.

Version with manual installation:
Autumn Sunshine (manual installation)

This version recommended only for advanced users.

Autumn Sunshine: SA-MP Edition:
Autumn Sunshine: SA-MP Edition

This is special optimized and adapted for compatibility with SA-MP online mod version of Autumn Sunshine. It does not contain lot of features from the main mod.

What brings Autumn Sunshine to GTA: San Andreas?

Whole game will look autumnally! Location was retextured and changed: totally new textures of countryside, Angel Pine, Chiliad mount, Bayside town, El-Quebrados, Fern Ridge, beach in Los Santos, some parks, a lot of roads and different surfaces in cities and other; textures are exclusive for this mod and were made with an accent to the autumn time: grass is other now and there are many — on grass and pavement, roads — fallen leaves.

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

Most of textures are photorealistic and based on the author's photos; using textures from HRT 1.4 — project of full remastered GTA: San Andreas that in the development now (most likely HRT 1.4, when it released, will be fully compatible with Autumn Sunshine; now Autumn Sunshine has compatibility with old-gen HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition).

Beatific decoration of the mod — are autumn trees with yellow, orange, reddish, and sometimes almost green (as always happens in nature) leaves. Trees are based on heavy modified Project Oblivion 2010HQ mod (in updated edition on trees were added MIP maps — this means that they look smoothed and its textures do not flicker).

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine
Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

A lot of new objects on location: Hunter's House in the forest (originally first appeared in the Spring Season, in every The Seasons mod it was seriously refined and improved, and in the updated autumn edition it was seriously improved again: now it has windows; were used new materials for model of the house, with help of them roof now is sprinkled with leaves); abandoned well — it has its own history; windmill on the hill beyond the forest; pavilion behind the CJ's house in Angel Pine (you can seat there)... In Angel Pine an exhibition of vegetables is held this autumn. Good chance to look at the giant pumpkins!

In Pershing park now you can see detailed voluminous piles of fallen leaves (this feature was added in updated edition).

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

Were made a lot of changes, connected with oncoming on the state Halloween: near the houses were installed pumpkins, added holiday billboards and pictures with Halloween symbolic; in countryside near the houses some people cultivated the pumpkins.

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

Not only CJ (he can wear special new Halloween costume or one of accessory from new wardrobe), but also peds on the streets can be in Halloween costumes. When you considers that it is time to start the holiday: you can, with using of special menu, enable of disable costumes for state residents! This is a really unique feature that made special for updated edition.

Autumn Sunshine

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

Modification continues the tradition of Spring Season and Endless Summer and allows you go hunting! You meet wolves, bears, foxes in forests and coyotes in desert. (If you do not like hunting — you can just watch for animals but note that almost all of them are extremely dangerous!). You also can hunt with your friends hunters and their dog.

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine
In Autumn Sunshine to animals from previous The Seasons mods was added new one — the coyote.

A lot of graphic changes: flying leaves feature; new day-night (timecyc) parameters, improved particle effects; included ENBSeries library with special settings that stylized picture to the autumn colors.

Special for Autumn Sunshine was created graphic settings menu. With this menu user can configure mod for good performance on any computer and change one of graphic presets. In updated version of Autumn Sunshine user can select even quality of textures! This is unique feature of this mod, that never was made in other mods.

Added atmosphere sounds of autumn nature: you can hear birds singing; cawing of crows in the morning and, sometimes, subtle rustling of the wind...

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

Also: there are several new types of clothing, new weapons — hunter's knife, hunter's rifle and wooden stick, new girls models, some new pedestrians; you can install the tent and sleep there; you can buy the house in Bayside; you can see people sitting around a bonfires in different parts of state; drink in bar on Santa Maria beach; ride in the Ferris Wheel; people will walking in the rain with umbrellas; at several points in the state you’ll find pens with chickens and roosters and will hear a rooster’s scream...

Besides those already mentioned things, in updated edition of Autumn Sunshine were made: pavilion is also sprinkled with leaves; remade a lot of forest and countryside textures; remade observatory textures; added MIP-maps on absolutely all textures in the mod, this optimization helps to improve performance and makes the graphics more pleasant; fixed some glitches; made compatibility with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and new English translation, and a lot of other little changes. (You can read full list of changes in instructions).

Autumn Sunshine Autumn Sunshine

The whole mod was revised and «assembled» anew, now mod is better: more stable, more interesting and more beautiful!

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